Tan Balconette Bikini

Minimalist. Seamless. Luxe fabric.
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Tan Balconette Bikini


Luxe, made-to-last fabric.
Neutral, nude colour.
Fully lined, no see-through swimwear.
No padding, optimised for comfort.
Flexible underwire for maximum comfort.
Adjustable straps and multi-hook back for personal style and shape.
A flexible, durable, seasonless staple.

Tan Balconette Bikini

Tan Balconette Bikini


Luxe, made-to-last fabric.
Neutral, nude colour.
Fully lined, no see-through swimwear.
No padding, optimised for comfort.
Flexible underwire for maximum comfort.
Adjustable straps and multi-hook back for personal style and shape.
A flexible, durable, seasonless staple.

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Ark Swimwear's Tan Balconette Bikini Top

When to wear our Tan Bikini Top

Our Tan Balconette Bikini Top is for your sophisticated moments. It's for when you're poolside, with friends and family, or for your everyday swimsuit look. It's the bikini for that European trip, sipping your lemon-infused mineral water, basking on your sunbed. It's for the yacht days, the pool parties, or for your motherhood days swimming with your little one when you want the fit.

How this bikini style feels

The underwire in our Tan Balconette Bikini is the most flexible and comfortable you will find. We are big believers that uncomfortable, rigid metal wire does not belong on the beach or poolside.

We spent five years sourcing the perfect hardware and fabrics. We went through an inordinate number of samples to design underwire bikini tops to fit perfectly to the body. We had to ensure that we launched underwire bikini styles that were to Ark Swimwear's standards of comfort and fit.

Our Tan Balconette Bikini feels incredible on the skin because there is no exposed stitching. This swimsuit is constructed with hidden seams, even at the fastening. This means that there’s less friction on the skin, which gives a beautifully soft sensation on the body. It feels like a second skin, the best bikini to wear from day to night.

It gives the shelf-like lift of a balconette and frames your bust like no other.

How it fits

This is a bikini top that perfectly balances minimal tan lines and bust support. and want to frame their bust with a shelf-like bust line. is the best option for those that love a little more coverage and support.

Our Tan Balconette Bikini Top is great for those with a small or large bust. If you have a bust on the smaller side, this style will make you look fuller. And for those with a larger bust, you will achieve all the support while framing the bust perfectly.

Our sizing recommendations are for the fabric to just skim your nipple for optimal tan lines

Trying it on

When you try your bikini on the first time, make sure you adjust the over-the-shoulder straps to find the spot that fits best. There are also 3 adjustment options around the back for the hook.

When it gets wet for the first time, the cups, band and straps will loosen, so keep that in mind – you’ll want it to be tight when new, so that it fits perfectly once worn wet a few times. After the first 3 wears wet, it will mould to your body and then keep its shape for years.

Who it suits

Our Balconette Bikini top is universal and more so has to do with style – it’s the sophisticated look. Your body type will be determined more by which bikini bottoms you match it with – the bottoms will change the illusion of your body’s proportions. This bikini top is great for those with a small bust that want to look bustier due to coverage, and those with a larger bust who want the support and framing.

Wear it with

Due to the thicker straps, we love pairing this top with our High Waist styles (our High Waist Cheekys for fuller coverage over your glutes and our High Waist Bikinis for a skimpier coverage). The High Waist cut cinches in your waist and gives an amazing hourglass shape.

We also love pairing it with our Banded bikini bottoms that balance the thick straps of the Balconette beautifully. These bottoms are one of our most comfortable – this set is made to be.

The Balconette also works beautifully with any of our bottoms that are slightly thicker – our Cheekys, Hybrids and Brazilians. Our Tie Sides and Ruched also work as the ties on the side add a little width to balance the thicker straps of the Balconette.

Other Ark Swimwear styles to consider

If you love underwire but want less coverage, try our Underwire Bikini Top. It has less coverage on bust and spaghetti-thin straps for better tan surface and a lighter look on top.

If you feel you need underwire for the support, but want to try a top without underwire, we have two cult following bikini top styles for you – our Original Bralette Bikini Top, which gives amazing support for a top that has no underwire; there’s a reason this one has a cult following, with tens of thousands sold. And we have our Scoop Bikini Top; with no hardware, it is ultimate comfort. It doesn’t give shelf-like support like the Balconette, but it gives all the support and stands up to the harsh, dumpy Australian surf.

If you still want the over-the-shoulder style but complete freedom and flexibility, try the stock standard String Bralette Bikini Top. This has all the adjustments – the straps and how narrow or wide you would like the cup coverage – it’s a freedom you don’t get with Underwire Bikini styles.

If you have broad shoulders and would like them to look less so, then we recommend a top that sections your chest if your bust allows it – try our Triangle Bikini Top or One Shoulder Bikini Top. If you are bigger busted, then opt for our Scoop Bikini Top or even our Balconette Bikini Top and create the balance with your choice of bottoms.


Our fabric is the most luxe-to-touch on the market. It has a silk-like feeling, that we’ve complemented with our hidden seams to give the most amazing feeling on the skin; you’ll be one of those people that can spend all day in your bikini, if you don’t already.

Construction Process

The hidden seams can only be created by a highly skilled machinist, with each piece made “inside-out”, and only turned the right way just before completion. We take our time sewing the pieces together, as the silk-like feeling of our fabric causes the pieces to slide against each other as we feed it through the sewing machine’s pressure foot.

These are a few of the reasons you don’t find seamless swimwear in such small cuts on the market. Turning them inside-out with such narrow sides and bands takes a lot of care and time.

Fabric Treatments

Our fabrics have several treatments run through them, including softener, colourfastness, UV protection and anti-yellowing (ever noticed your cheap white tees go yellow?). The lasting of these treatments depends on the fabric’s exposure to non-pH neutral substances.

Caring for your Swimwear

For longevity and to keep all these treatments, we recommend washing with pH neutral detergents (the one you’re most likely to have on hand is dishwashing detergent), ensuring that you give them a thorough rinse.

Chlorine pools aren’t always maintained at a neutral pH level, so if you’re able, wash them as soon as possible, and next best case, rinse thoroughly under the shower to dilute as much chlorine as possible.


Take your swimwear outside! The fabric and colour look different in direct sunlight, shade and artificial light. We have chosen each colour while under direct sunlight and matching it up against different skin tones. Swimwear is made to be worn outside, so take it there, put it against your own skin, and see how it looks and feels.

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