String Brazilians


By Ark Swimwear

Our Brazilian String Bikini Bottoms are flattering, utterly feminine and flawlessly designed. Minimal to the core, these swim bottoms feature gorgeous sleek lines, super soft material and are effortless to wear. You’ll love how easy they are to slip into and how surprisingly comfortable they are against your skin. They’re great for soaking up the sun, jumping over waves, or taking a leisurely dip in the pool. This ultra lush feel is thanks to our signature luxe fabric. Made to feel immaculate on your body and to hold colour and shape throughout seasons of wear. 

Our material works in perfect synergy with your curves and shape to feel almost like a second skin. Every piece is sewn without seams to avoid harsh edges and for a finish that blends smoothly for a barely there feel. This sewing technique takes extra skill and time but we feel that it is well worth it. Your bikini will look and feel beautiful, summer after summer. 

We double up on our fabric to eliminate any possibility of embarrassing see through moments. So, you’ll feel completely balanced, sculpted and confident to wear no matter what the occasion. As with all of our swimwear, the fabric is designed to dry fast so your bikini will feel light, unrestrictive, and completely comfortable even when wet. The elegantly thin sides of our thong string bikini bottoms allow you to adjust how you wear them.

Wear high on the waist, to elongate and accentuate your legs, or pull down over your hips for a classic low rise look. This flexibility and freedom to adjust how you wear your bikini makes it incredibly versatile and allows for more even tanning. Our Brazilian String Bikini Bottoms are also available in our full range of lifelong block colours and prints, so you can choose from a selection of your favourite classic, bold and vibrant sophisticated looks. 

Our swimwear comes in a range of sizes. Use our comprehensive size guide to find your perfect fit or reach out to our customer service team.

You can pair our thong string bikini with almost any top within our range but we love it with our Underwire Bralette, Minimal Bandeau, One Shoulder, String Bralette,  or Minimal Crop Bikinis.

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