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Cross-Back One Piece

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Our Backless One Piece Swimsuit

By Ark Swimwear

We have created the perfect one piece swimsuit that combines support, comfort, quality and tanlines. The shape of our one piece is a custom backless design that offers coverage and support at the front while leaving your back on show. The cross-shaped thin straps on the back are there to provide support while considering tanlines. Our one piece swimsuit is made with the softest and most luxe to touch fabric on the market. The luxurious fabric and high-quality materials optimise comfort and generate sustainable swimwear that is soft and durable.

Our one piece is a classic style that hugs your body when first tried on. To know that our swimsuit is a perfect fit, it should initially feel a little tight and then mould to your body shape after a few wears in the water. Our one piece is a seamless design that has no additional underwire or padding. The way we have constructed the shape ensures that these features are unnecessary. A part of our minimalist collection, our classy styled swimsuit comes in a range of timeless block-colours. Make a statement this summer in a trendy yet sophisticated red one piece.

Our one piece swimsuits are designed for anyone that loves a little more coverage and fabric while lazing around the pool or at the beach. This swimsuit gives women the ability to achieve a tan on their back while still proving them with a little more support than a classic style bikini. A part of our swimsuit collection, our yellow and white one pieces are the only two that have been made with a slightly thicker fabric. The reason why we have done this is because we wanted to protect your modesty and eliminate any chance of them becoming see-through when wet. Explore our swimwear staples and choose a practical one piece swimsuit that can easily double as a bodysuit for everyday apparel.

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