Every one of our product pages has a sizing chart - when you go to select your size, please note the sizing conversion for each.  It's best not to go off the naming sizes (eg Medium) as this differs country to country.

You'll find a few extra tips below.

Note that when trying on for the first time, you want your swimwear to be tight - it will stretch after you've worn it wet a few times - this ensures you will get that second-skin look and feel, and will last for years.

If you would like personalised help, reach out to our team at with your measurements.

Please view our size guide keeping in mind that our swimwear is designed for minimal coverage, therefore, we don’t recommend for you go for a size smaller than what you would typically be.  Each of our swimwear pieces is made with super-soft fabric and seamless finishes to optimise comfort long after you have left the beach.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to choose the perfect size online, so to make it a little easier we have created a 30 day exchange policy. Click here for more information on our exchange process.  


Between two sizes? Your right style and size will also depend on how you want to wear them – showing more skin, or less; sunbathing or surfing. We would recommend not going for a size smaller than you would typically be.

How our bottoms fit will depend largely on your body type and how much coverage you would like when you wear them.


  Country XSmall Small Medium Large
  AU/UK 6 8 10 12
  US/CAN 0-2 4 6 8
  EURO 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40


CUT: The design of the front of our original bottoms are identical – the only difference is the cut coverage on the back. For the most coverage, choose our Cheekys. Our Hybrids are in between our Cheekys and Brazilians, and our Brazilians give the least coverage but the best tanlines.

They are designed to sit low on your hips so if you plan to wear them high, be aware that the sides may twist.


CUT: The cut and bottom coverage of our Tie-Sides are similar to our Hybrids – less coverage than our Cheekys but more than our Brazilians.

Note: Our Tie-Sides have been designed to give you the option to wear them a little higher on your hips.


CUT: Our High Cuts are designed for those that love to wear their bikini bottoms high waisted. They provide similar bottom coverage to our Cheekys.


Your body attributes (such as breast size, hip-width, frame etc.) and personal preferences (showing more/less skin, wearing whilst active or sunbathing) can influence how our bikini top will or should fit and therefore allow you to choose which size is right for you. Each of our tops is made with the most luxurious swimwear material, designed to optimize comfort.


Between two sizes? Go for the larger size - our triangles are designed to minimise tanlines, therefore they provide minimal coverage.

    XSmall Small Medium Large
    AA or A B   C   D or E


FIT: Just like the classic triangle cut, our triangle style has adjustable neck and back straps. The triangles aren’t fixed which gives you the freedom to wear them just how you like.


Between two sizes? Consider whether you like a bit of cleavage - if not, then we'd recommend going for the larger size.  Further, the band around your ribcage doesn't stretch as much as our other cuts - take into account how broad/narrow you are.


  Country XSmall Small Medium Large
  AU/UK 4B/6A/8AA 6C/8B/10A 8D/10B/10C 10D/12B/12C
  US/CAN 26B/28A/30AA 28C/30B/32A 30D/32B/32C 32D/34B/34C
  EURO 55B/60A/65AA 60C/65B/70A 65D/70B/70C 70D/75B/75C


FIT: Our Bralettes have an adjustable back strap with three hook closures and adjustable shoulder straps to help you find a comfortable fit.


Between two sizes? Our crops are designed for minimal tanlines so consider if you would like tighter straps – if not then we'd recommend going for the larger size of the two.


  Country XSmall Small Medium Large
  AU/UK 6AA/6A/8AA 8A/8B/8C 10B/10C 12C/12D
  US/CAN 28AA/28A/30AA 30A/30B/30C 32B/32C 34C/34D
  EURO 60AA/60A/65AA 65A/65B/65C 70B/70C 75C/75D


FIT: To minimalise tanlines our Crop comes with spaghetti straps that do not offer adjustable hardware, however, they do stretch after a few wears in the water so keep this in mind.


Between two sizes? Consider whether you like a bit of cleavage - if not, then we'd recommend going for the larger size.

  Country XSmall Small Medium Large
  AU/UK 6A/8AA/8A 8B/10A/10B 10C/12B/10D 12C/12D
  US/CAN 28A/30AA/30A 30B/32A/32B 32C/34B/32D 34C/34D
  EURO 60B/65AA/65A 65B/70A/70B 70C/75B/70B 75C/75D


FIT: Our Scoop is one of our most supportive bikini tops that is designed for minimal tanlines at the back.


The most important thing here is to consider your torso height more than your size!  If you have a long torso you may need to size up by one or two sizes.  Our One Pieces aren't adjustable so they won't fit every shape.  If you want specific advice to you, send our team an email at with as much info as you can provide - including torso height and bust (band and cup).

  Country XSmall Small Medium Large
  AU/UK 6 8 10 12
  US/CAN 0-2 4 6 8
  EURO 32 34 36 38


FIT: Our One Piece has been designed to fit a body with even proportions. Please consider your body shape, bust size, and height when considering a size for our one piece.


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